[78-L] Info Request About Boot 78 Reissue

David Lewis uncledavelewis at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 15 03:32:55 PDT 2012

Have an oddity here; a red vinyl bootleg of New Orleans jazz, I guess from the late 1940s with no label ID. Does anyone know the origin of the disc,and is there an established nomenclature oe agreed upon label name for such items? Here is a label scan: https://www.box.com/s/1wrcg0mkd0smnlmv03xq Transcription of info XX-5 Where Did You Stay Last Night?The Creole Jazz Band (No. 42) XX-6 Original Tuxedo RagOriginal Tuxedo Jazz Band (No. 42) pencilled in on this side; "40" at bottom of both sides: UNBREAKABLE & NOISELESS Use only shadowgraphed steel orSapphire Needle
Although the green print on the white label looks rubber stamped, I think it's actually printed. The appearance of the disc looks just like the ConcertHall Society's red vinyl products of the late 40s, down to the long, spiral lead-in groove. I wonder if a "gold-sputtered master" was used -- that's a joke. However, the sound of the disc is terrific; I would venture that this has the best sound of any reissue of the King Oliver side before DavidSager's recent digitization of that output.
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