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Glenn Robison Glenn at GlennRobison.com
Sat Sep 15 13:41:51 PDT 2012

Greetings, all

Last week a friend remarked that it seemed to him that in vintage movies 
whenever there was a scene including a 78 RPM record, it was always on 
the "Famous" label.  He was wondering if there actually was a "Famous" 
label or if these records had made up prop labels on them.

There are actually 2 "Famous" labels, one from the early 20s 
manufactured by NYRL and using primarily Paramount masters. The other 
"Famous" label was produced by Brunswick in the 1930s, but used a design 
similar to their label of the 1920s.

I will be playing 3 sides from records issued in 1922 on the "Famous" 
label on this week's show, but the question for the group is, "Have you 
ever seen a "Famous" label record in a vintage movie?" and if so, what 
movie and was it an actual commercial record, or a prop?

Looking forward to any replies.

Glenn Robison
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