[78-L] playing vertical disc from metal part

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Hi Jerry,

Well said, and what I would have expected - geometry definitely
different.  Maybe Expert Stylus Company would be wiling to design
something suitable?  I once sent them an RCA Home Recording disc
to have them make a proper stylus for playing it, which they did (5.0  

Keeping on keeping on.

Regards to Thomas!


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> On 04/27/2012 12:44 PM, neechevoneeznayou at gmail.com wrote:
>> Is it possible to play a metal part to a vertical record with a
>> bifurcated stylus?
> I've done some test transfers of negative metal Edison Diamond Discs.
> Edison used the term "mold" for negative metal parts, using disc  
> molds in 3
> stages: "Master Mold", "Second Master Mold", and Working Mold".
> Yes, it is possible to play a Diamond Disc mold using a bifurcated  
> stylus.
> I've had some good results.  I had 3 sizes lent to me for testing,  
> and 2
> sounded wrong, but one sounded very good.
> BUT, bifurcated styli are designed for lateral grooves.  As far as I  
> know,
> no one has ever made a bifurcated stylus designed specifically for a
> negative vertical groove.  With a vertical groove, a stylus must  
> ride along
> an ever-changing groove width and depth.  With lateral, the groove is
> basically a constant width and depth.  So, the geometry is more  
> complex for
> vertical.
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