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Of course, many of us did know him personally, and he was an
enthusiastic mentor to young collectors, discographers, and archivists. 
When I first heard about ARSC in 1971, the current president was the
music librarian at my school, Northwestern.  So I went over and asked
him about it, and noted that David's name was listed as was Philip
Miller.  "If I went to this conference, might I be able to meet them?" 
"Sure," he replied.  And not only did I meet them, I was having lunch
with them the first day!  

I wish Leah and I had had a chance to interview him on videotape when we
were doing her "For the Record" documentary, but beyond that I had so
many additional questions to ask on my research projects.  When I
contacted him a year or two ago, his partner said that his memory had
mostly gone but he did recognize my name when she gave him my message.  

David Hall was a driving force in the creation of ARSC and what was the
premiere sound archive, R&H.  I've already been missing him.  Say Hi to
Phil for me.

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com  

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 A sad, sad day for collectors of classical music on 78s!  Thanks to his
love of music, and his own enthusiasm. my horizons were much widened, my
 appreciation deepened,`and curiosity piqued to hear things I otherwise
 possibly would not have done.  My life is much richer due to his
 Wish I could have known him personally.
 Requiescat in pace.  Бог да го прости.
 Mike in Plovdiv
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 > This was just passed on to be from ARSC Exec Director, Peter
 > Shambarger. The info came from David's son.
 > Dig out one of your Mercury Living Presence Lps (Davied
 > helped create that format) and play it today in David's
 > memory.
 > Steve Ramm
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