[78-L] Gene Krupa info wanted for Sam Donahue discography

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 20 07:39:42 PDT 2012

I don't have 50012 to check. Canadian pressings were known to have alternate 
takes, and this one was included in an album, so the Canadian issue of that 
might indeed have take 2..I'll keep an eye out for it. If Canada already had a 
usable stamper, it could have been used for 50012.


On 3/20/2012 1:44 AM, Garth Miller wrote:
> Discographies show Sam D. as arranger for Krupa's "Three Little Words" issued on Columbia 35336.  I've never seen this record and would like to know if the label indicates Sam as the arranger.  If anyone can send an image of the label, it would be very much appreciated.
> Also, DL, you probably can tell me if the take 2A of Krupa's "Tuxedo Junction" on Canadian Columbia 50012 is a true alternate take as shown in Garrod's Krupa discography, or if it is the same take issued on Col. 35429 and other issues in the US.
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