[78-L] unusual Victor label

DAVID BURNHAM burnhamd at rogers.com
Mon Mar 19 23:28:42 PDT 2012

I never thought of this as an unusual label since I've seen it regularly as I've gone through records.  But I never realized it was just a Canadian label until I saw this thread.  

I don't know how many U.S. collectors are familiar with one of the best books on the history of recording up to 1930 I've ever seen - focusing however only on the record industry in Canada, "Roll Back the Years" by Edward Moogk, written in 1975.  This book has an illustration of this label, along with virtually every other pre 1930 Canadian label on the inside front and rear covers.  In the text, it only mentions it parenthetically as a patriotic label which outdid Columbia's patriotic label by the addition of the two Union Jacks.  I'd always hoped that there would be a follow up volume covering post 1930 developments but it never happened and Edward Moogk, who was a life-long collector, broadcaster, dance band leader and an authority on the history of recordings, (and who inspired the formation of the National Library of Canada), passed away just 4 years after this book was written.  The book came with a seven inch LP containing historic Canadian
 recordings, including what was considered, at least then if not still, the oldest surviving evidence of recorded sound - Baron Stanley opening the Toronto Industrial Exhibition on September 11, 1888.


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