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Many thanks,  Randy...most appreciated.  Wonder who that alto sax is...quite 
a fine sound and I don't know the "sound" of any of these guys listed.

Is Pingatore credited with doubling on guitar on any other records?


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Personnel for this session from Ruppli's Capitol discography:

Monty Kelly, Don Waddilove, Larry Neil (tp); Skip Layton, Murray McEachern 
(tb); Alvy West, Danny D'Andrea, Lenny Hartman, King Guion, Tommy Mace 
(saxes); Buddy Weed (p); Mike Pingitore (g, bjo); Art Shapiro (b); Willie 
Rodriguez (dm); Harry Azen, Sol Blumenthal, David Bowman (strings).

Jimmy Mundy is credited as arranger.


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Anybody have the personnel for the Paul Whiteman/Billie Holiday record of
Travelin' Light? Or who wrote the arrangement?

I know the label mentions Skip Layton...the sound of the band is so fine I
just about drool even after playing it a thousand times.

George Van Eps on guitar, maybe? The alto solo is gorgeous, too.

Thanks for any info.

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