[78-L] Happy Birthday, Lucy (a day late)

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This is  unbelievable. I've never seen so much gross marketing of a 
personality, except  maybe for Elvis. Are there many Lucy fans that are this nuts 
to want to buy  Lucy luggage tags and birdhouses??

Cary Ginell

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> Lucy fans might google "59 Lucy  Lane".   You'll get several hits,  
> including images of  her childhood home in upstate NY.  It's owned by my  
cousins and  
> has been restored to its appearance in the 1920s when Lucy was   growing 
> there.   My cousins ive there part of the  year.
> They also sell Lucy-related products  online.  I believe there is also  a 
> gift shop.  You  missed their garage sale on August 6.

Yup.  There's also an annual Lucy Fest and a Desi-Lucy Playhouse and a  
week of related events.  They contributed a substantial amount to the  theatre 
but aren't currently involved in the events.  The house on Lucy  Lane is 
their only involvement at this point.

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