[78-L] marketing CD's

Benno Häupl goldenbough at arcor.de
Thu Aug 11 17:52:22 PDT 2011

Bear Family sets are not being issued for individual consumption, but rather for 
archiving purposes. This is why they are mainly purchased by libraries. 

The aim is not listening pleasure, but to have COMPREHENSIVE information 
available in 500 years from now. In most cases Bear Family pays licence fees(!) 
to the original record companies as well.  In return, they can use the original 

The Johnny Horton set had been finished for about 10 years before it was issued, 
because CBS had lost an unissued track. So they postponed the publication until 
the recording turned up (on a vinyl demo).  

Compare Richard Weize's approach with Bear Family to the one he used to have 
when he issued the LPs on Folk-Variety, Country Music History, Point and other 
labels that were supposedly 'Pressed in Malaysia' or 'Czechoslovakia', 'German 
Democratic Republic' or 'Netherlands' (in fact at the still existing EUROPA vinyl 
pressing plant in Hanover, Germany). 

The same marketing approach for 'archiving purposes' applies to discographies. 
Greenwood sold 80% of their runs to libraries, not collectors. In average they 
sold about 1,000 copies, of which 800 went to U.S. libraries at universities etc. 

Benno Haeupl

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