[78-L] marketing CD's

agp agp2176 at verizon.net
Thu Aug 11 15:37:07 PDT 2011

At 21:34 11/08/2011, you wrote:
>   Do BEAR family productions make money?  Anyone know how many 
> copies they sell?

Bear Family has always intrigued me. They issue some really 
interesting stuff, but I have to wonder how in heaven's name they 
ever sell any of it. Take for example Out of New Orleans- the 8 disc 
collection of Fats Domino's Imperial output. It has everything from 
1949 to 1962. The retail is $250. That's over $30 a disk. Granted I'm 
sure it has great book with it and all but still -- $250! Some places 
are selling it for around $190, but even as such, that's a chunk o' change.

The I see Hip-O-Select doing a 6 disc Buddy Holly for about $105. Hmm 
-- what gives. What would expect that Buddy Holly would be somewhat 
cheaper as Hip-O is a part on Universell (ex MCA/ Decca), but by over half!

I wish that Bear Family would make their stuff available in single 
disc offerings. That way one could build it up. Then as aftermarket 
they could sell a slipcase or something for the set. Its just weird to me.


I guess I see most of their stuff as being out of reach of many collectors 

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