[78-L] 78-L Digest, Vol 32, Issue 38

Dave at Audio Tech Transfer audiotechtransfer at bresnan.net
Fri May 13 09:50:47 PDT 2011

Records: set price per LP/45/78
Audiocassette: set price
8-Track: set price
Open Reel Audio: per hour play time

Videotape: set price (two hour or less std. tape, charge more $$ for those 
packed full super long play 6 hour VHS tapes)

Most customers want to know up front what the cost will be, thus the set 
price per tape or record.   It's easy and understandable for the customer, 
who more often than not doesn't know whether their home videotapes run 15 
minutes or 2 hours?  It's painful doing a big stack of 2 hour tapes.... but 
the pile of 10-15 minute tapes in the next job make up for it.  Open reel 
audio tape and some VHS can be impossible to predict due to record/playback 
speed used, let the customer know that upfront.

Repair of tapes is charged as needed, e.g. add five bucks to resplice a foil 
sensor on an 8-Track.

I've only encountered one LP I could not playback, due to bad edge warp.  I 
have a huge record collection and will sometimes substitute my (near mint) 
copy for a customer's trashed LP to do the transfer.  I had one customer 
bring me a dozen Rock LPs in horrible condition.  I had near mint copies of 
all but one in my collection and used them for the transfers.  The guy was 
absolutely amazed at the quality of the CDs I made for him.  :-)

The trick to making this type of business profitable is to be running 
multiple jobs at once, e.g. doing a LP or cassette transfer, while you've 
got two video transfers going as well.

Dave Rose
Audio Tech Transfer

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> Do you charge by the job or the hour?  And by the hour for baking the odd
> reel?  Do you have to turn away such things as if someone wants an old LP
> transferred to CD, and it's, say, a mid-1970s Carter Family LP on Columbia
> that's a bit melted such that the outermost track on each side of the 
> record
> won't track?

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