[78-L] Audio Restoration saves family recording

Dave at Audio Tech Transfer audiotechtransfer at bresnan.net
Fri May 13 09:27:40 PDT 2011

I own and operate an audio/video transfer service, working out of my home. 
I'm in a sparsely populated area, in NW Wyoming.  I advertise in local 
newspapers and am constantly passing out business cards, networking, 
promoting my business, etc...

There is a demand and need for this type of work.  How much money can you 
make?  It depends on how well you can sell/promote your services, how 
efficient and productive you are, price of your services, etc....  You 
shouldn't have any trouble pulling in $1,000 per month.  I'd suggest also 
doing home video transfers.  A simple DVD recorder and a VHS deck will get 
you started.

Back to original topic:

Some of my most rewarding work has been helping folks transfer old home 
recordings from discs and tape to CD-R.  I had one lady literally in tears 
as I played back a cardboard disc-to-CD transfer of her Dad.  Dad had passed 
away when she was a young child.  She had not heard his voice in nearly 60 

Dave Rose
Audio Tech Transfer

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> I wonder how much money could be made in doing audio restorations from
> home?  I could do to be pulling in $1000-1500 a month but at present I'm
> living in the boonies of north central Arkansas....any ideas?

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