[78-L] 78-L Digest, Vol 32, Issue 38

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri May 13 11:40:15 PDT 2011

Dave at Audio Tech Transfer wrote:

> Most customers want to know up front what the cost will be, thus the set 
> price per tape or record.   It's easy and understandable for the customer, 
> who more often than not doesn't know whether their home videotapes run 15 
> minutes or 2 hours?  It's painful doing a big stack of 2 hour tapes.... but 
> the pile of 10-15 minute tapes in the next job make up for it.  Open reel 
> audio tape and some VHS can be impossible to predict due to record/playback 
> speed used, let the customer know that upfront.

> Dave Rose
> Audio Tech Transfer
The worst type of friend (sic) is the one who has some LPs but nothing 
to play them on. So they ask me if they give me some cassettes could 
they transfer them.

Not that easy. The first side of the LP is OK, but you can't be sure how 
long side two is going to be, so you can't be sure if the tape is going 
to run out. So you stand around biting your nails, waiting for the LP to 
finish. Of course, it overruns and a track is only part-recorded. So you 
have to wind the tape back to the last complete track, then record over 
the incomplete track with a silent recording to erase it.

Then you turn over the tape and finish recording the rest of the LP. 
Then it starts again...

I've also been asked to transfer CDs to cassette too! If the CD has 
playing times listed, you can make an educated guess how much you can 
get on one side of a tape.

      Julian Vein

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