[78-L] Odd Victor Test

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Thu May 12 20:34:06 PDT 2011

This turned up in a collection I picked up years ago and never looked through. 
A 12" Victor test with minimal info on the label other than some pencilled 
comments, some wrong names (Caruso, Scotti, Tetrazzini) and one bit of correct 
info (La Tempestad). Catalog number in the wax is 99007, matrix # is 6W, which 
is (courtesy of the Victor discography at UCSB)..

Victor 99007 (99000 12 in. single-faced Imported and overseas)

The following matrix(es) were issued with this catalog number:
Matrix Number
Take Number
6-W 	[1?] 	7/1905 	
Final del acto 1°. / Señora Aragón ; Rafael Gil ; José Torres Ovando ; López 
[Singer: 7/1905 Mexico City recording]

Primary Performers:
Name 	Note
Aragón, [?], Señora (vocalist: soprano vocal) 	
Gil, Rafael (vocalist: tenor vocal) 	
López [Singer: 7/1905 Mexico City recording] (vocalist) 	
Torres Ovando, José (vocalist: baritone vocal) 	

Other Information:
Release Date: 7/1906 	Source: BHC
Delete (Cutout) Date: 10/1910 	Delete (Cutout) Source: BHC

The singers are accompanied by a piano, the recording is very thin quality, and 
everybody sounds as if they're on helium. Anyone know what speed a Mexico City 
Victor recording should play at? One other odd thing..one previous owner of 
this disc (possibly Walter de Mohrenschildt) pencilled in a more complete date 
than UCSB has, 7.23.05.


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