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Actually, there are a lot of Joe Salernos in the world. I googled myself 
one day and was surprised to find this out. There was even a fellow in 
Atlanta, I believe, had a wife and 3 daughters, but he had died recently 
and someone had put together this little web site as a tribute to him. 
We even looked a little alike. The name goes back to 13th century 
Cremona according to one web site, and further back than that according 
to another.

I was watching NCIS one night, which also airs on Tuesday night, and the 
bad guy's name was Salerno.

It is a common name in Sicily. My grandmother's maiden name was Salerno 
before she married my grandfather. So it's like Ms. Smith married Mr. 
Smith and became Mrs. Smith.

joe salerno - the real one

On 5/12/2011 9:26 PM, David Lennick wrote:
> On Tuesday evening's "Body of Proof", the murder victim's name was ..
> Joe Salerno.
> (Transfers 78s.)
> And one of the suspects was named ..
> Chuck Foster.
> (Made 78s.)
> dl
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