[78-L] What are the odds? not OT

Mike Harkin xxm.harkin at yahoo.com
Thu May 12 23:51:24 PDT 2011

I'm not a mathemetician, so I can't answer, but if there are any m's out there, when you finish dl's query, I've got one that I've wondered about since it occurred many years ago.  Sheriff brought a defendant to court, charged with DUI.  He pled on this case, and then brought up another case
in which defendant had failed to appear.  Guy said it wasn't him, VERY insistent that he had never in his life been to the location of the offence.  Judge sent him to police ID bureau to check fingerprints: a new set, the set taken on arrest the night before, and the set from the other
case.  Judge was doubtful,>>>> because all identifying info on both rapsheets matched - >>>> full names, birthdates, and fingerprint classification codes on all ten fingers.<<<<  Judge gave last chance, guy continued to insist it wsn't him.  ID bureau called some time later to confirm that it was indeed not the same person, as the actual fingerprints didn't match, even tho' classification codes were all the same.

What are the odds of >>>>this<<<< happening?

Mike in Plovdiv

Not totally OT; both were born when 78's were being made.

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