[78-L] Age of record collectors

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Hi Earl,

Am I right in thinking that the 78s you bought in the mid 50s brand new were 
from a shop that had stocked them in the 20s and kept them as they just hadn't 

I have heard about people buying 78s in record shops in the early 60s including 
ones from the very early 1900s (single sided) and were charged whatever the last 
list price was for the items.....but then other people were getting the same 
records from other shops for a penny each in bulk because the shop thought they 
would never sell them as 78s were no longer the standard format - they were 
happy to get shot of them!!??!

Unfortunately I wasn't around back then...I bought my first single sided 78s 
aged 10 and a half, but that wasn't until 1996!

Stockton on Tees, England.

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Hi David!

No. Though only 64yo, I bought brand new 78s too. I remember buying 
records of Chaliapin and Gigli in the 50s. The Chaliapin was a 12" 
and a HMV DBs cost me a lot of pocket-money...10s 5d in old money!


>From: DAVID BURNHAM <burnhamd at rogers.com>
>Subject: [78-L] Age of record collectors
>Well I'm 68 and have been collecting since shortly after exiting the 
>womb, that
>would make me the oldest member on the list, so far anyway.  And so 
>far, I seem
>to be the only one who actually started collecting 78s when they were still au
>courant - the only medium to be had, and therefore weren't actually known as
>78s, they were just records.
>But I'm not going to stand in front of all you youngsters and admit that!  Oh
>wait a minute, I just did!!  I hate senior's moments.
>P.S.  Actually, Mr. Barr is probably older than I, since he was born the same
>year I was but I wasn't born until November.  So I guess he's the only one on
>the list whom I actually have to respect.
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