[78-L] Age of record collectors

Spats spats47 at ntlworld.com
Wed May 11 12:08:06 PDT 2011

Hi David!

No. Though only 64yo, I bought brand new 78s too. I remember buying 
records of Chaliapin and Gigli in the 50s. The Chaliapin was a 12" 
and a HMV DBs cost me a lot of pocket-money...10s 5d in old money!


>From: DAVID BURNHAM <burnhamd at rogers.com>
>Subject: [78-L] Age of record collectors
>Well I'm 68 and have been collecting since shortly after exiting the 
>womb, that
>would make me the oldest member on the list, so far anyway.  And so 
>far, I seem
>to be the only one who actually started collecting 78s when they were still au
>courant - the only medium to be had, and therefore weren't actually known as
>78s, they were just records.
>But I'm not going to stand in front of all you youngsters and admit that!  Oh
>wait a minute, I just did!!  I hate senior's moments.
>P.S.  Actually, Mr. Barr is probably older than I, since he was born the same
>year I was but I wasn't born until November.  So I guess he's the only one on
>the list whom I actually have to respect.

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