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What all of this does, really, is teach us a lesson - the lesson being that if you want a particular item, you know that eBay will most likely have it. If you want to engage in the sociological aspect of record hunting, then you go down to your local mom 'n' pop to browse. That's still the main reason I go to a store like Amoeba. I'm not really looking for anything in particular; it's much easier doing that on eBay. But record stores still serve a different purpose - the experience of exploration, something that is just a little too antiseptic sometimes on the internet. There's room for both in today's society, which is what Record Store Day is trying to encourage.

Given the fact about Brian Wilson's hearing, I believe I was probably thinking of something else (Jan & Dean?) when I said I heard Beach Boys "ping-pong" stereo mixes. Unless it was a remixed version done without Wilson's approval (unlikely), it was most likely another group that I heard. I wonder what John Phillips thought about Dunhill's splitting up the four Mamas & Papas' voices so that Cass and Michelle were on one speaker and John and Denny were on the other. For a guy who grew up listening to the blending harmonies of groups like the Four Freshmen, I would imagine that Phillips would have objected to that practice (if he were sober enough at the time to notice, that is...)

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> Well, I thank all of you for the tip that the BB 78s are indeed on ePoo :)
> I hit my one fairly local indy shop (Angelo's over in Littleton), and they say that they never got one, and their sister store in Aurora got ONE. Which went poof almost immediately.
> The Record Store Day went almost un-noticed around here, even with the few really good shops in Denver (Twist & Shout, Angelo's, Independent Records, Trax In Wax, and all the indy stores up in Boulder...). Angelo's in Littleton 'celebrated'  with 10% off any in-store purchase and a guy out front cooking hot dogs on a teeny cooker.  There WERE some interesting items in the store, most notable was the new Paul Simon LP (which I intend on picking up after all the brou-ha-ha is over), but, yea... if it was a celebration, it was like my 50th birthday... something best kept hidden? :D

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