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Well, I thank all of you for the tip that the BB 78s are indeed on ePoo :)

I hit my one fairly local indy shop (Angelo's over in Littleton), and they say that they never got one, and their sister store in Aurora got ONE. Which went poof almost immediately.

The Record Store Day went almost un-noticed around here, even with the few really good shops in Denver (Twist & Shout, Angelo's, Independent Records, Trax In Wax, and all the indy stores up in Boulder...). Angelo's in Littleton 'celebrated'  with 10% off any in-store purchase and a guy out front cooking hot dogs on a teeny cooker.  There WERE some interesting items in the store, most notable was the new Paul Simon LP (which I intend on picking up after all the brou-ha-ha is over), but, yea... if it was a celebration, it was like my 50th birthday... something best kept hidden? :D

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On 4/17/2011 8:36 PM, Cary Ginell wrote:
>> Beach Boys records are better in mono - Brian Wilson was savvy enough to mix them so that they could be best received on an automobile AM radio. The stereo mixes I've heard have all the voices on one side and instruments on the other. Yecch.

Some of the worst things I have ever heard have been in the Dreaded Duophonic.  I have some Rolling Stones LPs in mono and they're brilliant.  The stereo versions? bleh.

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As I already mentioned and David confirmed, Bryan Wilson was deaf in 
one  ear.  And I also have not come across any Beach Boys records as 
Cary describes but there are Beatles and Elvis records like this.  
As for the AM radioquestion,the record companies were supplying stations 
with mono copies, even of London Phase 4 records that were never issued 
in mono.  Columbia DJ 45s were mono on one side and stereo on the other 
side in the mid 60s.

Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

Columbia was doing it in the mid to late 70s as well... I have a few DJ pressings that have the AM mono mix on one side and the mix from the album in stereo on the other (a couple of Chicago tunes got released to radio stations like that).

As far as modern 78s go, I keep seeing every so often the MP3 lathe systems, so even though it would be extremely prohibitive to do so, you could, I suppose, bootleg a 50 Cent (pronounced FittyCent) recording at 78rpm... (I shudder at the thought)

Brad - who is now looking for the rest of a set I found one disc to at Atomic Records... (another new Denver Indy store) A Recording of a routine between George Raft and the guy at Duffy's Tavern.  Top Ten records, Apollo pressing, details of which are not with me, since it's on the turntable downstairs and I'm out in the garage.  Label scans soon...

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