[78-L] Amalgamated Broadcasting System

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 4 06:10:45 PST 2011

Thanks..many of the sides didn't have that metallic sound, so I wondered. Some 
also sound as if they were center start. Has anyone done a better transfer, do 
the originals still exist, has it been assembled with the sides and speeds 
matched up, blah blah blah?


On 2/4/2011 8:54 AM, Elizabeth McLeod wrote:
> Mike Biel writes about this program at length in The Dissertation -- it's
> not aluminum discs at all, it's non-pre-grooved celluloid. The only
> celluloid discs I've ever worked on -- a Rudy Vallee remote from 1934 --
> have exactly that same type of harsh surface noise, almost like the
> grooves were torn by a rough point instead of  being cleanly cut.
> Elizabeth
> on 2/3/11 11:35 PM David Lennick wrote:
>> Probably Robert Angus who sent it. I just ran across these cassettes last
>> week
>> and had never played them. Of historical interest, but I've never heard so
>> many
>> nobodies and rotten ensembles and bathtub mezzos mixed in with one or two
>> actually talented people, and so much ado about "huge crowds" when there's
>> obviously nobody there. But these two chunks of Rex Stewart on remote are
>> worth it.
>> dl
>> On 2/3/2011 11:27 PM, simmonssomer wrote:
>>> Wasn't me. I never even heard of the Amangalamated System.
>>> The only aluminum I have is one dented pot and some used foil.
>>> Sheesh!
>>> Al Simmons
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>>> Subject: [78-L] Amalgamated Broadcasting System
>>>> Does the Amalgamated Broadcating System inaugural program exist in a
>>>> decent
>>>> transfer? I'm suffering through a cassette copy that Radio Yesteryear put
>>>> out
>>>> and which I got from someone on this list (Angus? Simmons?) and apart from
>>>> the
>>>> fact that it's some of the worst radio I've ever heard, airchecked on what
>>>> must
>>>> be uncoated aluminums that seem to run about two minutes a side, I'm just
>>>> wondering if I'm wasting my time if it exists in something like tolerable
>>>> sound.
>>>> (No intention of doing any restoration on this thing, I'm just getting it
>>>> out
>>>> of the way because I promised a copy. I certainly never want to hear it
>>>> again.
>>>> I doubt that too many did in 1933.)
>>>> dl

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