[78-L] Robert Johnson /Muddy Waters?

CelticGuitar666 at aol.com CelticGuitar666 at aol.com
Thu Feb 3 05:53:03 PST 2011

Nice! I always seem to get on board late. When I could buy 78's of these  
people for 10-15 cents a pop I bought a few but they got lost in the sands of 
 time I am talking lat 60's - 90's There was a junk shop that I know of 
that had  a back room with thousands of 78's that was in business a couple of 
years ago  but I haven't been there in a while. It's finding the time for the 
2 hr round  trip plus time picking so I just keep looking in local thrifts 
but that is hit  or miss mostly miss these days since Craiglist no body is 
giving them away like  here come get them
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stevenc at interlinks.net writes:

I would  guess around $10 each? 20-some years ago, I used to buy blues 78's
from an  auction list that specialized in c&w stuff...but also included 100 
or  so
blues records. I noticed I could never buy (for my $2-$4 bids)  well-known
blues artists like Waters (although I have acquired some of his  78'ss 
other sources!). Currently I own 500-600 blues  78's...including a couple of
(poor shape) Blind Lemon Jefferson  discs...!

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