[78-L] Best used turntable types for cleaning?

tions tions at comcast.net
Thu Feb 3 20:38:15 PST 2011

>Thinking about it, I realize I was in error...! There is NO real reason why 
78's have to rotate
at 78 rpm in order to be cleaned...! However, I "clean" my 78's with 
water and my usual dish detergent; they won't be perfectly clean...but I'm 
NOT planning
to perform surgery, or even eat off of them...?! <

I meant a 78 postiion on the selctor means old technology which could indicate a desireable hi torque turntable instead of a modern belt driven platter that would slip under load of cleaning. So I am thinking 78 is good thing to find on a garage sale player to be used  for cleaning.

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