[78-L] what's so great about Texas label 78s

Bill McClung bmcclung78 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 30 10:38:29 PDT 2010

What's so great about Texas label 78s?  I'm so glad you asked.

Five things.

1. To collect and document all the post war 78 labels is a seemingly
impossible task so by concentrating on just one state (guess I could have
picked Rhode Island but Texas was closer to San Antonio) it is not quite so
insane.  And if other people are working, obviously in secret since no one
else has fessed up, on other states maybe by putting our efforts together we
can make some headway.

2. Texas label 78s produced the first recordings by Roy Brown (Gold Star),
Jim Reeves (Macy's), Rufus Thomas (Star Talent), David "Fathead" Newman
(Torch), Flaco Jimenez (Rio), George Jones (Starday), Professor Longhair
(Star Talent), Doug Sahm (Sarg) and others.

3.  Texas label 78s produced recordings by artists at all stages of their
careers like Little Richard (Peacock), Sol Hoopi (Hymntime), Crown Prince
Waterford (Torch), Joe Turner (Freedom), Lydia Mendoza (Ideal and Falcon),
Phineas Newborn Jr (Peacock Jazz), Bobby Bland (Duke), Frankie Lee Sims
(Blue Bonnet), Ted FioRito (Richtone), Boots & His Buddies (Talent), Dixie
Hummingbirds (Peacock), Harry Choates (Gold Star, Macy's, Cajun Classics,
Hummingbird.)    Plus hundreds of regional artists.

4.  Texas label 78s demonstrate a amazing richness of musical styles--blues,
country, cajun, Spanish, gospel, sacred, pop, showtunes, jazz, western
swing, Czech, German, rockabilly, r&b, party records.   All between 1946 and

5.  Texas label 78s demonstrate the wonder of mixing musical styles--- a
Spanish version of Blueberry Hill with a great electric guitar solo
(Sombrero), a Spanish version of Bob Will's Silver Bells (Ideal),
Spanish versions of Your Cheatin' Heart  and Crying in the Chapel (Falcon).
Bluesey country, bluesey gospel, jazzy country, jazzy blues.  A great
version of Benny Goodman's Seven Come Eleven with vibes, sax, drums, fiddle,
steel guitar (Marathon).  The merging of Spanish and Czech polka styles.
And much, much more.

And one more thing.  The simple effort at conservation and documentation
that always makes me wish I had started this thirty years ago instead of

Any help or leads...........................thanks

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