[78-L] Pepsi--WAS: Alvino Rey and The Kings

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>> Pepsi Cola is a drink
>> Pour it in the kitchen sink
>> Tastes like vinegar, looks like ink
>> Pepsi Cola sure does stink
>> Nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel
>> Ah those good old days of yesteryear in the 40's.
>> But...we always chose Pepsi because...it was a 12 ounce bottle.
>> Not a puny 6 ozs like coke.
> Back in my much younger days, I used to have a 12-ounce pepsi
> and soda crackers every afternoon when I came home from
> school. The Pepsi cost six cents (they were 35 cents for a carton
> of six). I had a mug (probably an old beer mug?) in which to
> drink my Pepsi, over ice (from my grandmother's 1940
> Frigidaire refrigerator)...the ice trays had handles one had to
> pull to free the cubes! This was 1954-1960...!
> Steven C. Barr 

Horrible. You polluted classic Pepsi with soda crackers?
There shoulda been a law!
But, at least you had the latest ice trays.
Those handle release trays were great. 
They would make things a lot easier these days.
But then...so would hand cranks to start cars when the battery is empty.
Ah well...science marches on.

Al S.

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