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I have a few of the Sauter scores for McKinley and am getting others. I've
used "Hangover Square" with high school and college ensembles; students love
this music. When these pieces were written (1946) musicians had a hard time
playing them. One ensemble I led sight-read "Hangover Square." It blew me

Jeff Sultanof

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> I just had Capitol 78 by Alvino Rey:"The Flight of the Bumble Bee" backed
> with "Sepulveda".The only Sam
> Donahue Capitol 78 I had was "Melancholy  Baby" which I bought in 1978
> along with the Rey Capitol 78.
> The Bobby Sherwood Capitol I have is "Sherwood's Forest" plus what may be
> an original  of "The Elk's P-
> arade".The latter has the word "Capitol" in large,cursive script and the
> dome of the White House is also in
> large print.The Kings were great.The only McKinley 78 I have is a vinyl
> Majestic of "Hangover Square"
> pressed in red vinyl.The label is white like a promotional copy.I also had
> another McKinley Majestic pressed on red vinyl but I can't remember the name
> of the tune.Eddie Sauter did the score for "Hangover
> Square".I had both "Hangover Square" and Cootie Williams's "Cherry Red" on
> the black label Majestics.
> I had both "Hangover Square" and "Cherry Red" in 1975.Both came from junk
> stores.The red vinyl Maj-
> estic of "Hangover Square" I bought in 1978 when the local radio
> station,KOOS-AM in Coos Bay,Oregon
> closed it's doors that year.It "reopened for business" a couple of days
> later as KHSN.KOOS went on the
> air back in 1928 when Coos Bay was known as Marshfield.I gave $.25 for it
> plus a batch of others.
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> At the time (1946) Rey's band had 6 trumpets, 4 trombones, five saxes and
> rhythm. This band seems to be forgotten except for an LP of transcriptions
> on Hindsight with a fascinating piece by George Handy called Stocking
> Horse.
> Arrangers were Frank Nelson and Billy May. I was surprised when I heard
> these sides years ago; they ARE hot, 180 degrees away from the sides he
> made
> for Bluebird. I don't think Capitol will ever do a decent reissue of this
> band's output, but the way I understand it, its best music was never
> recorded for the label. They signed a lot of big bands they didn't really
> know what to do with: Bobby Sherwood, Ray McKinley, Rey, Sam Donahue....I'm
> sure there are others.
> The instrument Rey played was the pedal-steel guitar. Reportedly he
> disliked
> country and hawaiian music.
> Jeff Sultanof
> On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 6:43 PM, Taylor Bowie <bowiebks at isomedia.com>
> wrote:
> > that must have been one kick-ass group to hear in person.   Some of those
> > post-war Capitols are really hot..."Cement Mixer" comes to mind.  The
> King
> > Sisters were stand-outs among all those excellent sister vocal groups...I
> > always thought it odd that the most famous and popular of the sister acts
> > (Andrews) was not among the better ones in terms of the actual music.
> > Perhaps others rank them higher,  but to my ears they don't cut it when
> > compared with King,  Dinning,  Boswell,  Clark,  McGuire,  De Marco and
> > other sister groups.  I do like 'em better than the Pickens Sisters!
> >
> >
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