[78-L] Early discography (was: Larry Adler rarity?)

Geoffrey Wheeler dialjazz at verizon.net
Wed Apr 21 10:21:25 PDT 2010

For nearly a year, I looked at offerings of the original English 1936 
edition of Schleman’s “Rhythm on Record” and either the condition or 
price was not acceptable. I finally decided I would do better by trying 
to find a clean copy of the 1978 Greenwood reprint, which, by the way, 
originally sold for around $74. (Nothing published by Greenwood is 
cheap!) I found a near-new copy on line at an Illinois book store for 
$18.95. It turned out to be a mint copy and very nicely reproduced. 
Having now seen the Greenwood reprint, I wouldn’t bother with an 
original English copy! I find the The jazz catalogs for Parlophone and 
HMV  from 1936 to 1948 both useful and historical because they show 
that where cataloging jazz recordings is concerned, British record 
companies were ahead of the American. 

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