[78-L] Charlie Shavers and Milt Kabak

Scott scott at mosaicrecords.com
Wed Apr 21 06:34:47 PDT 2010

Although not my absolute favorite of trumpeters, Shavers, IMHO, was a key
instrumentalist that could be vital in such diverse units as a John Kirby,
Tommy Dorsey or a Norman Granz jam session. And died I believe either on the
same day or just around the same time as our beloved Satchmo. 

On a sad note, Milt Kabak, a member of our big band passed away on Friday.
He made 78s for Hit and Robin Hood for Louis Prima (1943 and 1950), and
Capitol for Stan Kenton (1944-6), V-Discs and was also featured with Stan on
some soundies and other footage. He also co-composed the hit "Oh, Babe" with
Prima. A warm, gentle man with big talent. He had just turned 84.

Scott Wenzel 

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