[78-L] Charlie Shavers and Milt Kabak

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I'm familiar with Milt Kabak-especially his work with Kenton.I didn't know he co-wrote "Oh,Babe" with
Prima.I have that on a LaserLight CD plus the version that Wynonie Harris on King.One could confuse
Kabak with fellow Kenton trombonist Milt Rehak.I;m also a trombonist myself amongst other things.I've
got the Harris version of "Oh,Babe" on a CD on the recently reactivated King label.This was years after 
Gusto-Power Pak released a batch of that stuff which included Little Willie John plus the November,1956
Jimmy Dorsey date that produced "So Rare" which TD said was the worst record his brother ever recorded.It was too bad Tommy didn't live to see the record become a big hit.

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Although not my absolute favorite of trumpeters, Shavers, IMHO, was a key
instrumentalist that could be vital in such diverse units as a John Kirby,
Tommy Dorsey or a Norman Granz jam session. And died I believe either on the
same day or just around the same time as our beloved Satchmo. 

On a sad note, Milt Kabak, a member of our big band passed away on Friday.
He made 78s for Hit and Robin Hood for Louis Prima (1943 and 1950), and
Capitol for Stan Kenton (1944-6), V-Discs and was also featured with Stan on
some soundies and other footage. He also co-composed the hit "Oh, Babe" with
Prima. A warm, gentle man with big talent. He had just turned 84.

Scott Wenzel 

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