[78-L] It's back and it makes threats!

Steven C. Barr stevenc at interlinks.net
Sun Mar 7 20:12:56 PST 2010

The problem IS...eWotsit and its contemporaries have made it possible for 
durn fool to (try and) sell his/her/its miscellanea for SUBSTANTIAL 

The ACTUAL problem is that everybody out there in Radio-Land feels/thinks/
assumes that they can somehow match the huge numbers of those "executive
bonuses" granted to the CEO-classes...?!

I have a nasty feeling that the recent "recession" was just the first stage 
in a
revival of the "Great Depression" of 1929-39...?!

We have been "livin' in a tree" for WAY too long...?!

Steven C. Barr 

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