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Speaking of Ken Griffey's "You Can't Be True Dear" I picked up a collection of about 220 records today and yes, there was one of this in there on Rondo.  But it's the first time I've ever noticed this before, at the bottom of the record and only on this side.

"By Special Permission of the Attorney General.  Under License No. E 1277."

What is this all about?

And for me the most copies I see of any record is Arthur Godfrey's Columbia 37921, Too Fat Polka and For Me and My Gal.


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We haven't done this for a while.

Steven C. Barr wrote:
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>> That surprises me. When I was actively searching for records, I found 
>> "It's In the Book" both as a 78 and later as a 45 fairly often. Jack
> In my 30-odd (some VERY odd...?!) years of accumulating 78rpm phonorecords, 
> I have
> encountered MANY copies of "It's In the Book"...?!
> Steven C. Barr 

In no particular order, and some of these were far more common 30 or 40 years 
ago than they are today, in my searches, and probably a lot I've left out:

You Can't Be True Dear--Ken Griffin (of course)
Bluebird of Happiness--Jan Peerce
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto--Vladimir Horowitz
It's In the Book--Johnny Standley
Polonaise in A Flat--Jose Iturbi
Two Black Crows Pts. 1 & 2
Rain--Frank Petty Trio (I used to find this everywhere)
A Gay Caballero--Frank Crumit
Tennessee Waltz--Patti Page
Pop Corn Man--Benny Goodman (just testing)


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