[78-L] The most commonly found 78s, was Re: 1st Family

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 7 19:29:52 PST 2010

We haven't done this for a while.

Steven C. Barr wrote:
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> From: "jack palmer" <jackpalmer1 at att.net>
>> That surprises me. When I was actively searching for records, I found 
>> "It's In the Book" both as a 78 and later as a 45 fairly often. Jack
> In my 30-odd (some VERY odd...?!) years of accumulating 78rpm phonorecords, 
> I have
> encountered MANY copies of "It's In the Book"...?!
> Steven C. Barr 

In no particular order, and some of these were far more common 30 or 40 years 
ago than they are today, in my searches, and probably a lot I've left out:

You Can't Be True Dear--Ken Griffin (of course)
Bluebird of Happiness--Jan Peerce
Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto--Vladimir Horowitz
It's In the Book--Johnny Standley
Polonaise in A Flat--Jose Iturbi
Two Black Crows Pts. 1 & 2
Rain--Frank Petty Trio (I used to find this everywhere)
A Gay Caballero--Frank Crumit
Tennessee Waltz--Patti Page
Pop Corn Man--Benny Goodman (just testing)


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