[78-L] It's back and it makes threats!

David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 7 07:39:42 PST 2010

Is he perhaps under the impression (as I was, when I was 5, because I'd seen 
recording lathes) that all 78s are actually directly recorded to disc and not 


Michael Biel wrote:
> Jim Whipkey wrote:
>>> I got  a reply back from pdwiniarski  which read like this,  exactly,  the 
>>> typos are not mine:  "But if I sell my rare set with original seal and no 
>>> scratches records, then what.   
> What does he mean by "original seal"?  What original seal????  It is an 
> extremely used album.  The corners of the cover are all dented up, and 
> the cover is quite scratched up itself.  And as for the "no scratches 
> record" -- the disc he shows is WORN!  It is VERY grayed.  It is V- at 
> the very best.  He has mis-described it as a box set.  Columbia DID use 
> boxes in the late 40s, and his photo clearly shows that this is not one 
> of them. 
>>> Will you put yours on sale and for how 
>>> much.  Have you ever looked into what the value would be. 
> Certainly the answer is yes.  As a matter of fact, I know several 
> professional apprasers who could come back with an answer of $1.00 .
>>>  So many people 
>>> out there take what they think is junk and sell for pennies then other 
>>> people actually buy it and sell if and make money. 
> He is describing himself, but in mirror.  This already is at least the 
> second time he has posted this because it remained unsold already at 
> least once.
>>>  You say you have two, 
>>> what condition? 
> Certainly better than his.  I rarely see copies of things like this in 
> such poor condition.
>>>  have they ever been played.
> His is demonstrably NOT mint. 
>>>  Are you sure their identicle? 
> It is not hard to figure our their identicalness, but he has a point 
> there.  You might not be able to figure out if their identicle or even 
> what that word means.
>>> Is it a rerecording? 
> Actually his is a dub because all Columbias of that era are.
>>>  Scratches? 
> Boy are his copies worn. 
>>>  But in the future, please do not send me 
>>> a question that borders rude.  I'll report you to ebay.  And I am a very 
>>> nice person, I really don't deserve it."
>>> Obviously I  cannot reply to this  seller.   I surely do not want to be 
>>> reported to ebay. 
> I think if the guy dared try to challenge you he would be banned, not 
> you.  Jim, I think you ought to report him.  Your comment did not even 
> come close to even bordering rude, but his reply is not only rude, it is 
> abusive, and as you cited in your subject line, threatening.  I think 
> there would be a lot of us willing to back you up.  I certainly will.
> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com 
>>>  He surely scared me away, and shucks, I was thinking 
>>> about buying  his $500.00 weight loss program.  Assume the  color picture 
>>> he shows is  before  he lost weight, the  thin picture  looks a lot to me 
>>> like  a picture of Charles Atlas  we used to see on comic books  back in 
>>> the 30s and 40s.    Jim Whipkey
> Taylor Bowie wrote:
>> Jim,  Thanks for sharing this message from your eBay pen pal!  I should 
>> write him as well and tell him that I have a copy where the scratches have 
>> been rerecorded...of course that wouldn't exactly "border rude" but would 
>> pretty well hop over the line to good old plain rude.
>> As I recall,  two icicles which look exactly alike are called  "identicles."
>> Beware of anyone who feels to need to tell you that they are a "very nice 
>> person."  Usually they are not.
>> Friends, do you want to loose fifty pounds of ugly,  excess weight?    Just 
>> throw out about a half dozen 12"  Victor symphonic sets!
>> Taylor 
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