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Sat Mar 6 20:41:34 PST 2010

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From: "Bertrand CHAUMELLE" <chaumelle at orange.fr>
> I know that comedy album; I've seen it several times at the flea 
> market, here, in the old days. I found the cover unattractive, and I 
> discovered Jonathan Winters, instead. As unattractive, perhaps, but 
> very funny (in my opinion).
> So you're interested by that album, not because it's supposed to make 
> you laugh, but because it's about a president who had a violent death, 
> isn't it ? If you happen to find a comedy album about Ike or Truman, 
> you won't stop by ? The tragedy aspect is  'the main ingredient' ? Just 
> curious.
Originally (and for a sadly short time), this album was intended as a
sardonic comment on how totally JFK and his image had taken over
popular culture...! Neither Eisenhower nor Truman had such an easily-
recognizable "audio image"...?! As well, JFK's notable "accent" made
it quite easy to parody his speech patterns; OTOH, virtually all of the
previous presidents had the hopelessly-bland sound of the "midwest"...?!

The really odd thing is this...there was NEVER (AFAIK) a comedy 
recording based on the speeches, usw.
of "Senator Joe" McCarthy...?!

Steven C. Barr

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