[78-L] Session Six

Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 6 16:43:29 PST 2010

Geoffrey Wheeler wrote:
> Julian Vein says: “Geoffrey, Thanks for all that background of which I 
> should've been awar --I have a
> bookmark to that site! It looks like the review copy of 12-008 may have 
> been the only one that got released. Seems to have been an industrial
> hazard with Session--only one out of two Pete Browns and Trummy Youngs 
> also!”
> Yes, the Session label is fascinating for what it did issue and with 
> what labels, and what it didn’t. I have found the Session website very 
> informative, particularly Konrad Nowakowski’s contributions. I have 
> some of the Sesson releases, but did not realize how complicated the 
> label’s history was until I hit upon this website. I think I have one 
> of the 12-inch Session releases and thought it did not play well.
> _______________________________________________
I have six of the non-Yancey 12-inchers and they are all pretty rough. 
The Yanceys are generally well recorded.

      Julian Vein

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