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Han Enderman jcenderman at solcon.nl
Sat Mar 6 17:09:39 PST 2010

There has been no response to Mike Biel's question, therefore here what I know from images collected from ebay.

I have images of covers of Victor S-series Albums:
S-18 (= V-21127-32) = Musica de Rusia (Mexican issue)
S-29 (= 83014-16) = Congas
S-36 (= 83065-67) = Ludovic Lamothe
S-41 (= V-21141 a.o.) = Russian Gypsy Melodies 2
S-49 (= 26-5035 a.o.) = Sidor Belarsky
S-51 = M. Chevalier Returns
S-52 (= 25-5075 a.o.) = Kusevitsky, Cantorial Chants (Canadian issue).

S-18 & 29 as Discos Victor on front; S-36 as Disques Victor;
S-49-52 state International Set.

Some labels mention the S-number, but possibly some early album issues did not state the album number on the records included.
For ex., Vic 82507 by 'Arabian Girl' is without the album nr on the label but was issued in album Melodias Orientales 
(with nice cover), but I'm not sure this is in the S-series.

Examples of labels stating the album nr are:
82588 (S-17)
V-21127-30 (S-18)
V-600 (S-22)
82857 (S-23)
83013 (S-28)
83014-16 (S-29)
83065 (S-36)
83085-87 (S-35)
83749 (S-40)
V-21141 (S-41)
25-5075 (S-52)
Evidently the V-21100 series existed before some were coupled in numbered albums.

Is it known when the designation "International Series" started to appear on records?
I have images of V-710 (Glahe: Hot Pretzels / Beer Barrel Polka) without and with Int.Series stated.

Han Enderman
>>> Randy Watts wrote:
> It's probably RCA Victor set S-60, "Prayers of Moses," by Moshe Koussevitzky.
> Randy
THANK YOU!!!!!!  Where did you find this listing?  Do you have it or do 
you have it listed in a catalog or discography?  I have been unable to 
find a listing for it other than an Israeli CD which seems to be sourced 
from three different recordings from the sound quality and 
instrumentation on the sample clips. 

Is there a listing of the S series albums?  All I see is the Rosenblatt 
S-48 in the 1948 catalog, and I happen to have that album.  I also 
somewhere have an album by Stephen Wise with broken discs, and I suppose 
it also is in the S series.  And then I also have an empty album marked 
"Victor Library of Recorded Music" which looks to be of a type Victor 
provided for a uniform set of albums shown in a small shelving unit in 
the July 1937 Victor monthly supplement, and a similar shelving unit in 
a G.Schirmer brochure for a post-war September.  I thought these albums 
were unmarked, but the one I have is numbered S-38. 

Did these albums of uniform design have anything to do with the Carnegie 
Foundation library collection?

Is there a listing of the S- series?  The 48 catalog notes these as 

Mike Biel  mbiel at mvbiel.com
> --- On Fri, 3/5/10, Michael Biel <mbiel at mbiel.com> wrote:
>> Does anybody have any identification
>> for a 12-inch album set with the 
>> possible title "5 Prayers of Moses"?  I am not sure if
>> the first place 
>> is a 5 or 4 or even a letter, or if it is even part of the
>> title.  I do 
>> not know if it is music or spoken word.  I do not know
>> the label, but 
>> there might be a catalog number of either 560 or S60. 
>> It is a spine label of a wrapped album set seen in a
>> photograph from 
>> around 1950 of Rosemary Clooney in the Commodore Record
>> Shop.  She is 
>> holding a copy of the 78 set of Billie Holiday on
>> Commodore, and some of 
>> the albums on display are 10-inch Commodore LPs.  The
>> bottom shelf has 
>> 12-inch 78 albums and I can identify each one (and I have
>> most of them!) 
>> but this one album is still in the factory paper wrapper.
>> The picture is 
>> on the copyright page of the book about album covers "in
>> the groove" by 
>> Eric Kohler. 
>> Mike Biel  mbiel at mbiel.com

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