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Julian Vein julianvein at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Mar 6 08:37:09 PST 2010

Geoffrey Wheeler wrote:
> Julian Vein asks about 12-inch 78 Session 12-008. The best source I 
> have so far come across for information on the Session Label is an 
> internet site by that name to which four people have contributed, 
> including the renowned collector, Konrad Nowakowski. Here is some of 
> what the site says about Session 12-008.
> Chicago, April 2, 1944
> 164 	Big Oaks from Little Acorns Grow^ 	
> 	Session 12-008
> 165 	I Wished on the Moon^ (Parker-Rainger) 	
> 	Session 12-008
> F-166 C 	We Want in the Act
> [Listen to We Want in the Act] 	
> 	Session 12-009
> F-167 	Yesterdays (Kern-Harbach) 	
> 	Session 12-009
> The session was announced in a brief item in Down Beat on June 5, 1944, 
> and included in "Metronome's Exclusive Jazz Discography" (June 1944, p. 
> 25). The group was billed in those announcements as the Chicago 
> Jazzmen, and 12-008 was reviewed under the same artist designation in 
> October 1944. Just a little later, in the Down Beat review, the band 
> was referred to as the Little Acorns. After all that indecision, 
> Featheringill changed the group's name to the Session Six before 
> releasing 12-009.
> Many thanks to William H. Korst for alerting us to this session, which 
> Eddie Johnson has confirmed playing on. Our listing ultimately derives 
> from Charles Delaunay's New Hot Discography (1948, p. 497), which Korst 
> also alerted us to. The listing (which gives the title of 164 as "Big 
> Oaks") has been passed on to later discographers; for instance, Lord 
> includes it in his Jazz Discography, with "In the Act" as the title for 
> 166.
> Korst was unable to obtain a copy of Session 12-008 from Featheringill 
> while the record company was in business. Yet 12-008 is not a complete 
> phantom, for it was reviewed in Metronome, October 1944, as by the 
> Chicago Jazzmen, and in Down Beat on November 1, as by the Little 
> Acorns. Collectors, please let us know whether you have ever come 
> across Session 12-008.
> _______________________________________________
Thanks for all that background of which I should've been awar --I have a 
bookmark to that site! It looks like the review copy of 12-008 may have 
been the only one that got released. Seems to have been an industrial 
hazard with Session--only one out of two Pete Browns and Trummy Youngs also!

      Julian Vein

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