[78-L] Misterioso label

Geoffrey Wheeler dialjazz at verizon.net
Sat Mar 6 07:47:19 PST 2010

Regarding the four albums issued on the Misterioso label, Julian Vein 
comments: “I'm still surprised that their existence wasn't known
to discographers. ...”

I published the complete playlists of the four Misterioso albums in my 
1999 book Jazz By Mail: Record Clubs and Record Labels... I published 
an expanded version of the playlists, along with additional commentary 
in my 812-page book Dial Records: West Coast Jazz and the Be-Bop Era 
published in August 2009. Since I had copies of the albums to refer to, 
I did not bother to check whether Lord or any other discographer had 
listed them. I am surprised to learn that Julian with all his 
wide-ranging resources has been unable to find any such listings. I 
would have thought Lord and others would have listed them. But then 
Lord has never bought any of my books, which may explain the lacuna 
where the contents of the four albums is concerned.

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