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Michael Biel mbiel at mbiel.com
Fri Mar 5 17:01:07 PST 2010

Ted Kneebone wrote:
> Speaking of Shirley Temple, I have an LP of songs from her movies.
> 20th Century Fox TCM 3102
> I bought this for my daughter, Nancy.  When she was a toddler, Saturday 
> morning TV was "Shirley Temple Time."  She loved those movies.  One day we 
> were talking about Shirley.
>     "She is all grown up now."
>     "You mean she isn't little anymore?"
>     "No, she is older than I am."
> Nancy burst into tears! 

You do realize that the execs of 20th Century Fox also burst into tears 
when they realized that Shirley was growing up and no longer going to be 
able to singlehandedly keep their studio afloat.

>  She had trouble imagining Shirley Temple as an adult.

Remember there was a big advertising blitz about the movie where Shirley 
receives her first kiss.  Nowadays former child actresses make their way 
into the adult world by flashing their hoo-haas getting out of cars. 

> Maybe I should dub this for her 8 year old son. I don't think the 13 year 
> old would be interested.   Ted Kneebone.

Snide remarks censored.  But then again, Shirley was topless in her 
first movie at age 3. 

Mike (maybe we should take this thread onto roulette chat)  Biel  
mbiel at mbiel.com

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