[78-L] Shirley Temple...

Ted Kneebone tkneebone1 at abe.midco.net
Fri Mar 5 13:48:45 PST 2010

Speaking of Shirley Temple, I have an LP of songs from her movies.

20th Century Fox TCM 3102

I bought this for my daughter, Nancy.  When she was a toddler, Saturday 
morning TV was "Shirley Temple Time."  She loved those movies.  One day we 
were talking about Shirley.
    "She is all grown up now."
    "You mean she isn't little anymore?"
    "No, she is older than I am."
Nancy burst into tears!  She had trouble imagining Shirley Temple as an 
Maybe I should dub this for her 8 year old son. I don't think the 13 year 
old would be interested.

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