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David Lennick dlennick at sympatico.ca
Fri Mar 5 20:34:41 PST 2010

By the way, the 20th Century-Fox double album wasn't complete, and some songs 
were edited (and some weren't on it..forget which ones at the moment). The 
manager of my local video store must have wondered why this seemingly normal 
kinda guy was renting every Shirley Temple video on $2 Tuesday for 3 or 4 weeks.


David Lennick wrote:
> Sounds right..I saved the links at the time but (a) I doubt they still exist 
> and (b) I can't remember where I filed them.
> ALL the Temple songs are on two Flapper CDs which I produced in 1996. I 
> probably said I took them from playbacks..
> dl
> Taylor Bowie wrote:
>> David,  I assume that those are the Fox disks with the white printed labels? 
>> I have a bunch of those  from various Fox movies of the 1937-35 era.,  but 
>> no Temples.
>> Is there one of Shirley and George Murphy singing "We Should Be Together" 
>> from Little Miss Broadway?  That's my all-time fave Temple musical number.
>> Taylor
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>>> For what it's worth, Shirley's soundtrack recordings DO exist on 78s, as
>>> playback discs. A bunch of them were on eBlat a couple of years ago.
>>> dl
>>> Cary Ginell wrote:
>>>> 20th Century Fox did release a double-LP set of all of Shirley's songs 
>>>> from her films. It's called "The Complete Shirley Temple Songbook" (TCF 
>>>> 103-2). It's a fun set, if taken in small doses.
>>>> Cary Ginell
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>>>>> I've got a 78 album of Shirley Temple narrating Disney's "Bambi."  Don't
>>>>> know when it was issued.  I got it as a kid from an older friend who had
>>>>> received it as a gift when he was a kid.  Haven't looked at it in years
>>>>> but I think its 2 ten inch discs.
>>>>> -- Ken
>>>>> Bill McClung wrote:
>>>>>> I almost always have a song playing in my head and this morning it has 
>>>>>> been
>>>>>> "Animal Crackers In My Soup."  I have a couple of versions on 78 
>>>>>> including
>>>>>> a Polydor issued in Japan sung by Mae Questel, the Betty Boob (sp) 
>>>>>> Girl.
>>>>>> My mind had the this conversation with itself.   "So why don't you have 
>>>>>> a
>>>>>> Shirley Temple version on 78?"  "That's strange, but I don't think I've 
>>>>>> ever
>>>>>> seen a Shirley Temple 78 ever." "Really, not ever?"  "No."  "Look in 
>>>>>> Rust's
>>>>>> Entertainer's Discography."  "OK."  "Says here that no commercial 
>>>>>> recordings
>>>>>> were issued on 78, just on LP compilations."  "Go ask 78-L."  "OK."
>>>>>> So, any special reason no Shirley Temple 78s?  Seems like there would 
>>>>>> have
>>>>>> been an audience.  There was lots of Shirley Temple merchandise 
>>>>>> produced.
>>>>>> Just seems odd.
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