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Quality and Reo were issuing 78s into 1959 but I don't think past that, 
and odds are they were dubbing from the 45 rather than a tape by that 


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  How late was Quality Records pressing 78rpm rock & roll records from 
  masters? And, further, when did Reo - a subsidiary of Quality - cease
  pressing 78s? I'm searching for the elusive "Shu-Rah" by Fats Domino
  which was released as a 45 in the US on Imperial 5734, c. 1961. I'm
  hoping that there may have been a Canadian pressing on 78, but am
  doubtful since the mother and/or master stamper was probably a 45. Of
  course if the stamper depended from tape all bets are off!
  Discogs shows virtually nothing about this one.
  Malcolm R
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