[78-L] and young record-spinners.

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I have not heard that, Graham.

Ron L

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On 3/10/2023 11:38 PM, ron at fial.com wrote:
> I have a 7-year old great-grand daughter with a new? record player 
> that plays 78s, 45s and 33s I will go through the childrens stuff and 
> send her some age-appropriate 78s, they are mostly smaller 7-inchers.  
> A lot of that is nusery-rhyme and childrens stories.  She said that 
> her needle flips over, so maybe will work well.

Hello Ron and all...

It occurred to me to ask if any of the "kiddies record" people may know
anything about this:

Years ago Bob and Ray did some skits of Dean Archer Armstead and the theme
used at the opening of a few of them was a quirky rendition of "Farmer in
the Dell".

I'm almost certain it came from a kids record and I'd love to find it!

Does anyone know anything about it?

.. Graham Newton

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