[78-L] and young record-spinners.

Graham Newton gn at audio-restoration.com.invalid
Mon Mar 13 15:17:20 PDT 2023

On 3/10/2023 11:38 PM, ron at fial.com wrote:
> I have a 7-year old great-grand daughter with a new? record player that plays 78s, 45s and
> 33s  
> I will go through the childrens stuff and send her some age-appropriate 78s, they are mostly
> smaller 7-inchers.  A lot of that is nusery-rhyme and childrens stories.  She said that her
> needle flips over, so maybe will work well. 

Hello Ron and all...

It occurred to me to ask if any of the "kiddies record" people may know 
anything about this:

Years ago Bob and Ray did some skits of Dean Archer Armstead and the theme used 
at the opening of a few of them was a quirky rendition of "Farmer in the Dell".

I'm almost certain it came from a kids record and I'd love to find it!

Does anyone know anything about it?

... Graham Newton

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