[78-L] Victrola motor repair

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net.invalid
Sat Dec 17 16:21:40 PST 2022

On 12/17/2022 3:54 PM, iñigo wrote:
> Mark, jus a suggestion... If you register in the Talking machine forum, you can post there your problem, if any, and you'll find a lot of knowledgeable people to give hints and help you to carry on the work... photos included. They know a lot and are always helping people to make repairs.
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I just oiled it, cleaned off some of the surplus hardened grease that 
oozed out of the spring drum, assembled it and gave it a whirl. She runs 
great and is very quiet. I need a few more parts and the front doors 
need some more work, but It's pretty well conquered.

First record on the machine was, Columbia A-2654, "The Warbler's 
Serenade." In a minute I'm going to flip to, "The Whistler And His Dog."

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