[78-L] Victrola floor model

iñigo ciadelgramofono at yahoo.es.invalid
Sat Dec 17 13:50:59 PST 2022

Mark wrote:Is there an endplay adjustment for the record spindle shaft?

I think they isn't any possible adjustment. The spindle is supported down on an end cup in a motor frame extension where as ball bearing resides, supporting the weight of spindle and turntable. That cup must be also oiled as signalled by the oiling label attached to the motorboard or the cabinet. The upper end of the spindle goes through a hole bearing in the upper part of the frame, which must be also oiled.If this upper bearing is worn out of shape, the spindle and turntable won't work well. This is not ready to repair, although I remember having seen something about it in Eric Weiss 'The compleat talking machine' , a very useful starter book for phono repairing. Something about drilling out the hole to a larger size, then fixing and marking the true position of the spindle axis, and installing in the hole a new brass bearing pressed into the new hole, which you can then drill to the exact size and true to the center marked before. You need workshop tools for that fine work, a drill press, etc. Others simply add a brass washer on top of the motor plate, with the correct size for the spindle to pass through. Then solder the washer to the motor plate to fix it in position.InigoWith love and good wishes to all 78L colleagues!

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