[78-L] Victrola floor model

Mark Bardenwerper citrogsa at charter.net.invalid
Sat Dec 17 11:55:38 PST 2022

On 12/17/2022 10:30 AM, Ron L"Herault wrote:
> I collect and do simple repairs/maintenance for myself and others in my area.   The internet has made that part of the hobby so much easier.    When I was just starting out in the mid 1960s, it was not easy to find parts.  I don't know that anyone had a stock of repro parts either.
> Ron L

Perhaps then, you might have an answer for me. The motor was a bit 
sluggish at first, but the more I run it, the more enthusiastic it is. 
It has quieted considerably since I if first started working on it. I 
have oiled all of the spots designated, adjusted the endplay of the 
governor shaft. The drive drum is fine. Is there an endplay adjustment 
for the record spindle shaft?

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