[78-L] What the *&#$@%?

Rodger J. Holtin rjh334578 at gmail.com.invalid
Fri Aug 26 18:58:37 PDT 2022

Years ago I stumbled onto Victor 22706, a "reissued by request" RCA label
of You Forgot Your Gloves and Falling In Love by Waring's Pennsylvanians.
Falling in Love included two expletives.  Don't remember the flipside.
Shortly afterwards I picked up Victor 22632 By Special Permission Of The
Copyright Owners, I Love You by Shilkret which also had an expletive.  Both
of these were early 1931.  I'm going to guess that this was an attempt by
Victor to keep radio stations from playing their records.

Can we add to this list of records with Expletives Not Deleted?
When did Victor begin using the legend "Not For Radio Broadcast" or similar
Do we know these dates for other labels?

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