[78-L] Bunny Berigan or not?

Kristjan Saag saag at telia.com.invalid
Wed Mar 24 15:42:36 PDT 2021

Thanks, Julian, David, Taylor & Scott for opinion and advice.
I never expected to get so close to the horses mouth on this one. Amazing.

On 2021-03-24 19:44, Scott wrote:
> My right hand man when producing the Berigan set on Mosaic was Bozy 
> White, the preeminent scholar and discographer of Berigan. He felt it 
> was Bunny on this side and so did another Berigan aficionado, Richard 
> Sudhalter, who wrote the notes. "That so few of these performances 
> have found their way into reissue comes as no surprise. Intended as 
> ephemera, they were not widely promoted, and seldom strike the ear as 
> particularly memorable. Even Berigan, soloing frequently, works 
> creatively within a relatively narrow set of conventions: he steers 
> close to the melody (as in "When I Take My Sugar To Tea"), and employs 
> mutes - straight, cup, metal Harmon, or the sliding cup-straight 
> combination named the ShaStock, after its manufacturer. The object, 
> after all, is to fit into an overall context defined by the perceived 
> tastes of record buyers." Scott Wenzel Mosaic Records 203-327-7111 
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