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 Wayne and Shuster used "Frankie and Johnny" till they went to tv c. 1955. Toronto DJ Bruce Smith on CJBC used Camarata's Little Jumping Jack. Nightly magazine show Assignment used Leroy Anderson's The Typewriter. Byng Whittaker's daily Small Types Club used Victor Silvester's Harmony Music version of Teddy Bears Picnic and probably singlehandedly kept that record in print in Canada into the early 50s.

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  "Just Mary" used In A Clock Store. "Maggie Muggins" used The Kerry Dance. Daily farm broadcasts used Country Gardens. A short-lived program c. 1949 called Alan 'n' Me used The Grasshopper's Dance. Young deejay Peter Jennings used "The Beachcomber" (Boosey & Hawkes 78) on "Peter's Program. Max Ferguson (as himself and as old Rawhide) used this great George Barnes version of Clarinet Polka. 

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Are you still out there?

Can you think of any themes from early Canadian radio programs? I
would say 1950s and back. They can be songs or classical or
semi-classical pieces. The more familiar, the better. Drama or comedy
programs would be best, but perhaps also music programs, if the themes
were long-running and familiar. I figured you would know a couple just
from memory. Thanks.

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